Adaptive optimised Schwarz methods, with Felix Kwok
Optimising Schwarz methods can be expensive and time-consuming. AOSMs optimise adaptively, which can be done without any knowledge of the problem.
Robust algorithm for the intersection of simplices, with Martin J. Gander
Simplices are the generalization of triangles to arbitrary dimension, and their intersections are considered in several applications. This talk dissects an algorithm I developed to robustly calculate this intersection.
Extrapolation as non-linear Krylov, with Martin J. Gander
We examine extrapolation methods, Krylov subspace methods, and quasi-Newton methods, and show they are all linked through the multisecant equations.
Visualization of simplicial intersections, with Martin J. Gander
This talk presents a method for visualizing the intersection of simplices in general dimension. This is a possibly useful tool for algorithm design and geometric proofs.
Cycles in Newton-Raphson-accelerated Alternating Schwarz, with Martin J. Gander, DD26, 2020
In this talk I examine cycling behaviour in 1D Schwarz methods that have been accelerated by Newton's method.
Introduction to Spectral Collocation, Université de Genève, 2019
This talk is intended as an accessible introduction to spectral collocation, with a focus on Chebyshev-Gauss-Lobatto quadrature. Briefly, my current work on inverting constant coefficient linear operators is discussed.
Spectral Differentiation: Integration and Inversion, with Manfred Trummer, Université de Genève, 2018
This talk covers the majority of my masters thesis. The starting point is my article on pseudospectral integration matrices (see Publications) and extends these ideas to inverse matrices of general linear operators.


Robust algorithm for intersections of triangles, with Martin J. Gander, CUSO 2020 winter school on low rank models
The CUSO winter school takes place every two years in the town of Villars-sur-Ollon. This poster was presented at a poster session there. It derives from my article "A provably robust algorithm for triangle-triangle intersections in floating point arithmetic" (see Publications).
Period doubling when accelerating alternating Schwarz with Newton-Raphson, with Martin J. Gander, Swiss Numerics Day 2019
The SNSF, national science fund of Switzerland, hosts a one-day conference each year. In 2019, the SND was hosted in Lugano, at the Università della Svizzera italiana. The poster examines a particularly bad example of the alternating Schwarz method accelerated with Newton-Raphson.